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Who Are We

Flow Consciousness is a community of spiritual seekers, conscious entrepreneurs, healers and world-changers who are passionate about wellbeing, personal growth, and exploring consciousness.

Through live sessions, retreats and online programmes we integrate modern science with timeless wisdom to lessen stress and experience more peace, connection and joy.

Why You Should Connect With Us?

1-  Connect with an awesome community of like-minded people and feel a sense of genuine belonging and connection that is often missing from our lives.

2- Try our FREE 30 day "Living consciously" challenge. Select upto 4 LIVE sessions every week, including meditations, breath holds, conscious connected breathwork, yoga, mindset and more! 

3- Be inspired, inspire others and share authentically with our community. This is a space where we support each other in exploring practices that ease stress and bring more peace, connection and joy to our lives. 

Thanks for jumping in!

With so much noise and distraction everywhere, our intention is to provide an inspiring space for real people to share real stories, ideas and practices that support us in living happier, authentic and fulfilling lives. We genuinely look forward to meeting you on the inside.

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